rice cultivation and processing


Ukrainian Rice Systems Group uses its own resources at every stage of production starting from cultivation of the rice seeds and ending with the product packing.

We implement innovative and energy-efficient technologies, allowing us to improve ecologic characteristics of production and to minimize harmful emissions to the environment. We use recycling and reprocessing of resources.

Cultivation of rice

To cultivate high quality rice our company uses seed stock, which is permanently renewed, and its quality is controlled with the help of special equipment with optical color sorter.

Special attention is paid to correct agricultural crops rotation on the rice fields, which also allows us to provide high quality seed stock.

We cultivate rice with the help of drip irrigation system, owing to which we get rice with higher qualitative characteristics. It also allows us to reduce water consumption in the process of cultivation by more than 3 times – from 30 000 cubic meters for 1 hectare to 8 000 cubic meter for 1 hectare.

Currently our company tests new technology of rice transplanting, which is widely used in Asian countries, which is rice seedlings transplanting. This technology allows us to decrease application of agricultural chemistry in weeds and fungi management and to obtain more clean and natural product.

Rice processing

To process the rice, we use German equipment, including three color sorters SCHULE and Bühler AG, allowing to produce the highest quality rice in Ukraine. Our color sorters remove effectively admixtures from the rice, which guarantees high quality of all our products.

Our Voronezh color sorter is used for sorting paddy rice to improve the quality of seed stock.

The capacities of our plant allow to process up to 150 tons of paddy per day.

Products storage

We use our own and rented warehouses for storage of rice. They are located in Kalanchak, Kherson region, Dachnoye village, Odessa region, and in Dnipro and Kyiv.

Our Advantages
Eco-friendly product
Shipping worldwide
Modern technology
High-quality seed stock
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